Personal Exhibitions 

2003 HERBARIUM, Soviart Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2003 Personal Exhibition, Art Felchlin Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)
2002 Appia Gallery (Grenoble, France)
2002 Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery (Kharkov, Ukraine)
2001 Inter Art Galerie Reich (Cologne, Germany)
Art Felchlin Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)
Tuset Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)
Triptych Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2000 Appia Gallery (Grenoble, France)
EM Gallery (Kollum, Netherlands)
Atelier Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1999 Relais du Bois Saint George (Sent. France)
TEXTUALITIES, National Art Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1998 ROSARIUM, Central Exhibition Hail of the Artist Union (Kyiv, Ukraine)
SOFI (Zurich, Switzerland)
Cecilia Wameling Gallery (Baden, Switzerland)
Art Felchlin Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)
Atelier Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1997 AkvareT Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Great Britain Embassy (Kyiv, Ukraine)
36 Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1996 Irena Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
36 Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Paviovsky Arts&Crafts Gallery (Utreht, Netherlands)
1995 TRANSPARENT MYTHOTEQUE, Slavutich Art Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)
1994 MYTH WORLDS, Russian Collection Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
METANOSIS, Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Андрей Блудов
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