"The Wind of Spring" Festival

"Yu - u - u - u 07" (The Wind formula)

A. Bludov, A. Malykh, V. Serdiukov

The new five-year festival marathon “Undertaking “Project” that started in 2001, is still going on. This year, “Undertaking “Project-02” Festival was inaugurated by a wind holiday, - by the Kiev artists and their guests. On May 18 one more (the 7-th) attempt was made aimed at renascence of sacral spring act, staged in context of history of culture, traditions and mythology.

A well-known Kiev scientist, academician Vetrov-Produvalsky, having conducted a multiyear investigation of wind objects, having processed the material collected on a logic-induction analyzing machine, has produced the wind formula: Yu – u – u – u 07.

The following masterpieces have been presented in the action: “Net of Chime” (I. Yeliseyev), “Fishery” (I. Yeliseyeva), “Wind Rough” (Íàäåëàåì ãðîõîòà)” (V. Shulga), “Monument to the Wind” (A. Seliutina, O. Belous), “A House for the Wind” (T. Tsanko), space group “Entrance” (S. Bukalo), “Air Flow magic” (D. Matiukhin), “Pendulum” (Ye. Manuilov), “Touch” (M. Mageramova), “A Cloud Fell to the Earth and was Broken” (S. Kryzhanovsky, A. Semenov), live video “Bohemia Sees Things” (V. Serdiukov, N. Yakovchuk, À. Morozov), “Sans nîm” (Ye. & N. Derevianko), “Melody of the Wind” (K. Malykh, Orlandina, V. Tkachuk).

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Yu - u - u - u 07
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